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What others have said about Kim’s work:

“Kim has a great writing style and is always up for the task at hand. She is one of those people who needs very little direction and always delivers. Smart, confident, dependable, and funny, Kim is a gifted writer….”

“With a dynamic personality and skills to match, Kim engages students with her breadth of knowledge and considerable talents as an instructor. She is able to take freshmen and sophomore college students and make a connection between them and the subject -- no small feat.”

"Kim was tenacious in pursuing many different venues for the sales team, which produced excellent opportunities and prospects and many closed deals. Her professional attitude and skills in guerilla marketing are the best I have ever witnessed."

“In addition to being an adept writer, editor and proofreader, Kim is reliable, thorough, conscientious, and a true team player.”

“She was one of my favorite teachers! Her positive attitude encouraged learning inside and outside of the classroom. She was approachable and I could tell she cared we succeeded. She is someone I respect personally and professionally.”



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