"Sun at Work" Invitation
It's a beautiful, sunny day in the neighborhood, so we invited neighbors to check out the installation of a solar electric system.


"Your Neighbor's Solar Story" Marketing Newsletter
MountainBrook Village
Trilogy II
Sun Lakes

SunSpots, Sun Valley Solar Solutions
SunSpots - May 2011
SunSpots - June 2011
SunSpots - July 2011
SunSpots - August 2011
SunSpots - September 2011
SunSpots - October 2011
SunSpots - December 2011
Sunspots - February 2012

Staying in front of current customers by providing tips to save energy is the goal of this e-newsletter.


International Engagement
Half of all IWU students study abroad. For many, the experience has inspired even deeper explorations of global opportunities.


Linking In
IWU connects students and alumni through internships. 

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